Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ballerina Harper

Today was Harper's first ballet class and she LOVED it. I was so proud of our girl. She was 100% committed, trying to do everything the teacher modeled, answering questions, thoroughly enjoying herself.

It was a very happy surprise this morning when we arrived to find that Sydnie Tyler was in Harper's class! We were so pleased that the girls get to share ballet. They stuck together through a lot of class.

It was also extra cool that Teresa (Lee) Vidak helped Harper a lot today. When it was time to learn how to skip, Harper told her, "Excuse me, my Aunt Carie showed me how to skip already!" I also heard Harper tell Teresa that her mom had taught her first position when Teresa instructed the girls to stand that way.

Her leaps were more like hops, but you couldn't fault her effort or enthusiasm.

We were all impressed with Harper's bravery (including Harper) when Harper hung from the bars.

She had a great time and we are very happy she's begun ballet. It is such fun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harper, circa 1982

Tennis phenom Harper Sequoia

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Harper was very happy to have her big cousin Caroline spend the night with her last week while the rest of Caroline's siblings were away at camp. Harper adores Caroline and looks up to her very much. She likes to think of them as both-big-school-girls and Caroline is kind and gentle enough to let Harper think that they are in the same league. It's funny to watch both of their faces when they play together-- Caroline's sometimes reveals a confused amusement when Harper wants to pretend something very random, and Harper's face shows a real admiration for her wonder of a cousin.

I like this photo because you can see that expression of amazed love on Harper's face here. I got the girls matching outfits for fun (this is their second matching outfit and they don matching crocs often, too).

Here are a couple more photos of the recent girl. She helped Daddy wash our cars this weekend and she also washed her own car in the process. She had a great time.

Ever since the trip to the aquarium, Harper has loved her baby otter souvenir. Here she is with it "in her sutemi" (baby carrier).

Fran and David Lieberman visited us this week, long time friends of Arlene's who live in LA and Palm Springs and who hadn't seen Harper since she was one and had never met little Jack! They brought both kids thoughtful gifts and although Harper started the evening "feeling a little shy", she quickly lost that and played all night with David and her new dolly baby that cries and laughs. Here are some cute ones of them.

A couple days ago was Harper's actual birthday-- she's officially 3 years old. She spent the night with Grandma on her birthday eve and the next morning I came over with Jack and pinned a ribbon on her to commemorate the important day.

Grandma made matzah brei for breakfast, but girly gorged herself on a breakfast of mostly blueberries. We hung out at Grandma's in the morning (me, Jack, girl, and Grandma) and then Grandma treated us to Red Robin for the girl's special day. She left with a green balloon and was delighted and surprised when the servers sang to her. After naptime, we had the Correas over for dinner (grilled chicken and sausage with a really yummy pasta salad) so Harper got to play with Rylee that night. She's looking forward to her party on Saturday!